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Friday, 18 December 2020 14:27

7 Wedding Dress Trends For 2021 Brides

From statement sleeves, to sequins and sparkles, 2021 wedding dress trends have been influenced greatly by the events of 2020. Whether you’re a bride who has postponed and looking to update your dress because you’re now getting married in a different season, or a bride looking forward to their 2021 wedding, and still on the hunt for the perfect dress for the big day, we’re here to take you through the top 7 wedding dress trends for 2021.


Statement Sleeves

Statement sleeves are the way to go for 2021, and whatever season you are getting married in, there’ll be a sleeve that’s perfect for it. For autumn/winter a full fabric sleeve with detailed cuffs or a cold shoulder sleeve in a textured fabric will be right on trend. For spring/summer go for a softer option with a delicate detailed lace or a simple tulle sleeve. If you’re someone who wants to cover their arms this will be music to your ears, as we see more and more sleeves on dresses in boutiques!


Wedding Dress Trends statement sleeves

Lee Klabin


Capes and Cover Ups

Some couples that were due to get married in 2020 may find themselves now getting married in a different season and therefore need a more suitable look for the big day! Capes and cover ups are now your best friend if you find yourself in this position, and there are so many different options out there depending on your style and vision. Think soft and floaty, or draped in lace, they can add a dreamy romantic look to your dress for the big day.


Wedding Dress Trends for 2021

Justin Alexander


Romantic Ballgowns

The ballgown is back! A traditional look that’s been vacant for a few years but is back with force in 2021, and it’s had a makeover! We’re not talking princess tulle, it’s now soft flowing fabric with textured layers and a slightly higher waistline, perfect for a pear or hourglass silhouette!


Wedding Dress Trends 2021 ballgown

Allure Bridals


Modern Lace

Lace is both versatile and beautiful on any bridal gown, whether you’re having a grand affair, a festival wedding, or an intimate soiree; you can’t go wrong with 2021’s modern lace options. Think modern placement lace, 3D abstract florals and vines, and much less vintage. It can be added to any style gown to add drama and effect and is a popular choice for brides.


wedding dress trends modern lace

La Papillon by Modeca


Simple and Chic

if you're having a "marry now/party later" wedding, a simple and chic dress is perfect as it means you can add extra details to make it two completely different looks for the different events, and you get to wear your dress twice! Whether it’s a ballgown or a sheath design, a simple wedding dress will always steal the show - let your dress speak for itself.



Wedding Dress Trends simple chic

Justin Alexander


All About The Back

Low backs have been popular for a few seasons now, but in 2021 the details are even more profound when it comes to the back of your dress. Illusion backs will be replaced with open backs and big bows and bustles will be gracing hip lines. This is a great option if you’re looking for a little update on your current dress as this can easily be added, and will definitely make a statement when you’re walking down the aisle.  

Wedding Dress Trends 2021 backless

Allure Bridals


Sparkles and Sequins

For most couples in 2021 it will be all about the party, and both you and your guests are going to need it. Sequins and sparkles are back to bring that party vibe alive, but in 2021 they come in the form of romance. Chic, floaty dresses with added sequins and sparkle tulles and laces. Perfect for the romantic ceremony and the big bash party afterwards, definitely dresses to dance the night away in!


Wedding Dress Trends sequins

La Papillon by Modeca



If you’re still looking for your dream wedding dress and love these 2021 wedding dress trends we can help! All of the dresses are available to try on in the boutique. We also have a range of accessories if you already have your dress and need some help styling it for a change of season. Get in touch here to book your appointment









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Friday, 30 October 2020 16:00

7 Winter Wedding Looks For Brides-to-Be

Winter is upon us and winter nuptials are becoming more and more popular, with cosy fire pits and beautiful wintery backdrops. It’s such a romantic time of year to tie the knot. Winter wedding looks are full of experimentation and creativeness, from sleeves to capes, to fur stoles, the cooler climate means you can layer up and create a look that’s perfect for you and your bridal vision. We take you through our modern winter wedding looks for brides-to-be.




Sleeves are probably the most obvious choice when it comes to covering up for a winter wedding. However, albeit obvious, the options are limitless when it comes to sleeve designs for the big day. Close fitting tattoo lace sleeves, ethereal blouson sleeves, or embroidered boho sleeves, each of them can change the look and feel to a dress. Don’t rule out a dress design just because it doesn’t have sleeves either, many dresses can have sleeves added to them to complete your winter wedding look.



Winter Wedding Dress Ideas 1

Winter wedding dress ideas 3

Le Papillon by Modeca


Fur or feather stoles and jackets are perfect for winter wedding looks, and they’re sure to keep you warm and cosy on the big day. They’re the perfect accessory if you’re wanting a slightly more revealing or bare dress underneath, as you can take them on and off when needed. They’re also great for those wintery wedding photography shots.




Capes have grown in popularity over the years from off-the-shoulder capes to caped veils and beyond. Shoulder lace capes are perfect if you’re wanting a more traditional look, or go alternative with a coloured embroidered cape to go over your wedding dress.


Winter Wedding Dress Ideas 4

Justin Alexander


High or Mock Necklines

High necklines are chic, modern and full of sophistication when it comes to winter wedding looks, they ooze glamour in a non-obvious way! They can create the illusion of a low neckline whilst keeping you covered up and warmer on the big day, and there are lots of beautiful options out there, so finding one that suits you won’t be hard to find!


Winter wedding dress ideas 5

Lee Klabin


One for the alternative brides who are looking for something non-traditional for the big day. Who says you can’t wear knitwear at your winter wedding! Knitwear has definitely grown in popularity and there are some beautiful pieces out there that can make your wedding look unique and beautiful in equal measures!


We hope this have given you lots of inspiration for your winter wedding look, if you’re looking for any more advice or inspiration visit the rest of the blog or book an appointment with us, we’d be more than happy to help you find your perfect winter wedding dress in the boutique.




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I am writing this while we are in lockdown and thinking how I can help all the brides-to be out there with their wedding planning. With experts saying people are spending on average 5 hours extra online a day, I am sure many of you are using that time to search out your wedding suppliers and to get inspiration of the look and feel of the big day. But what about wedding dresses, that you need to try on to find the "one"? Today I am sharing some advice on what you can be doing now, to help you move further towards finding that dream wedding dress.


dress 1423684 1920 

Use Pinterest to create a board of wedding dress ideas that you love


Pinterest is a great platform to gather ideas together of what you love, but also to discount what you don't like. Create a board (and maybe make it secret so your partner cannot see it) and pin images of dresses that you love. Be open minded - look at all lengths, colours and shapes as you may surprise yourself. You may want to share the board with your bridesmaids and mum to get their thoughts but remember, it is your dress! This is a fun part of wedding planning and can be done for all areas of your day - so pour yourself a glass of wine and lose yourself in all the prettiness.


Google styles to find designers you love (or use Instagram and blogs)


Once you have shortlisted some styles, now is the time to hone this down to designers. Use search engines and Pinterest itself to research, but also Instagram and wedding blogs too. If you find any that you like, you can then visit the designer's website to discover your local supplier. A great idea is to bookmark them and to follow them so you can see new designs that may be announced soon.


You can also use this search time to find local wedding dress boutiques to see the wedding dresses that they stock. Most should have a gallery page for the stocked designers and maybe some real brides too. 


Ask for recommendations from local Facebook groups and wedding groups


If you have no ideas at this point (however I am sure that you will) why not ask locally for recommendations of wedding dress boutiques. Ask on local Facebook groups and join bride/wedding groups too. Some wedding groups are even hosting virtual fairs! Check out their reviews on Google and Facebook to get an idea of what other brides have said. 


Email the boutique to check their availability 


While all shops are closed at this time, most wedding dress boutique owners will be checking their emails and DMs. Send them a message to ask about the dresses they stock, the designers and styles but also what their availability is like for you to view virtually. While you cannot try them on, you can start to fall in love and maybe, even pinpoint your dream dress. Just remember that it is lockdown so we may take slightly longer than usual to get back to you.


Book a consultation for after lockdown


When you email them, take the time to book a consultation for when you think lockdown will end. Of course we don't know when that is, but the appointment can always be moved. We know that when this is over (and it WILL be over) you will all desperate to get trying on our dresses so it is a good idea to have an appointment planned. It will also give you something to look forward to!



We know these are uncertain times, but I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know that we are not going anywhere and that we cannot wait to see you all again soon and to help you find your perfect wedding dress.


Kay x

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With so many different wedding dress shapes and so many different body types, there’s no wonder it can be so overwhelming when it comes to choosing the perfect dress for your body type and for the big day. Knowing your body shape and the general dress styles available will mean you can have a successful dress shopping trip, hopefully, without the drama! Here we give you some top tips and advice on how to do just that!

Fishtail wedding dress by Justin Alexander

Justin Alexander


You’ll be armed with knowledge, know your body shape, and what style of dresses you need to look for and more importantly which ones to avoid. If you narrow down your options before heading to the shops, you’re more likely to feel more relaxed, so have some form of criteria set in your head; what does your vision look like and are there some non-negotiable elements i.e. you just have to have a sleeve?


Here we look at body shapes and dress types to help you choose the best wedding dress for your body type - a sure way to limit your options for when you start your shopping experience.


Body Types

Pear – Hips are wider than your shoulders.

Inverted Triangle - Your shoulders and/or your bust are larger than your hips

Hourglass - Your shoulders and hips are roughly the same size and you have a very defined waistline.

Straight or Athletic - Your shoulders, bust, waist and hips are all roughly the same size, and you have no defined waistline.


Wedding Dress Shapes

Ball Gown

A ballgown is great for most body types and if your looking for a traditional or princess look this is the dress to go for. Hourglass, pear, straight or athletic types can wear this dress with elegance. It’s both classic and timeless, generally a fitted bodice with a dramatic flared skirt from the waist down. It’s complimentary in style and shows off the shoulders, bust and waist, whilst keeping the hips covered.


 Ball Gown Wedding Dress by Justin Alexander

Justin Alexander


With a fitted bodice and natural flared skirt, the A-line gown will suit both an inverted triangle, balancing out the shoulders, and it can give shape to more straight and athletic body types. It’s a classic bridal look that never ages and most gowns this shape have a romantic feel without all the drama of a full ballgown.

A Line wedding dress by  Randy Fenoli

 Randy Fenoli


A high waisted gown with a straight or shaped seam that sits just under the bust, the empire gown it a relaxed, simple look that compliments the majority of body types due to its versatile style and shape. Hourglass, pear and straight or athletic body types can wear this gown with ease, and feel amazing in it for their big day.



If you want to show off your sexy side on your big day the fishtail dress has lots of va-va-voom and hugs in all the right places for hourglass and pear-shaped brides. Sometimes called a mermaid gown it has a fitted bodice that hugs the waist and hips and flares out from the mid-thigh or knee with dramatic effect.


Fishtail wedding dress by  Randy Fenoli

Randi Fenoli

Fit and Flare

Similar to a fishtail it has a fitted bodice it flares out from mid-hip, but stills hugs the waist, the perfect dress for someone who wants to show their top curves but not their bottom curves- it’s the happy medium! It still has sex appeal but without the full drama of the fishtail. A versatile shape and will work on hourglass and pear body types perfectly! It will also bring shape to a straight or athletic figure.


Fit and Flare wedding dress by Randi Fenoli

Randy Fenoli



With a long straight and slim, silhouette, a sheath shaped gown is both elegant and chic and is perfect for a straight or athletic figure. This is probably the most least a versatile dress in terms of body shape however if there’s detailing on the waist it could work well with an hourglass body type too.


Sheath wedding dress by Justin Alexander 

 Justin Alexander 


Hopefully you now know your body type and are armed with all you need to start your wedding dress shopping experience. Why not book an exclusive appointment with us at the boutique and we can help you find the perfect dress for your body type! Get in touch, we look forward to meeting you!

Or come along to our Randy Fenoli Trunk Show on October 25th and 26th - more information can be found here.

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