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For a boutique that has so many styles and so many different brides that walk through our doors, it’s important to us to show how one venue doesn’t always have to mean one look for the big day. Our recent inspirational shoot set at Waddesdon Manor shows three very different styles of dress and how they can work depending on what type of dress and bride you are. 

 Three Different Wedding Dress Looks at Waddesdon Manor  with Brides Boutique Buckingham


We used two different designers for the shoot with dresses by Modeca:  their Le Papillon collection is light, fresh and modern and the dresses have some beautiful details. Justin Alexander and Justin Alexander - Lillian West also featured with their classic timeless designs and chic boho looks, two very different vibes that would absolutely work with a venue like Waddesdon Manor


 Three Different Wedding Dress Looks at Waddesdon Manor  with Brides Boutique Buckingham


Three Different Wedding Dress Looks at Waddesdon Manor  with Brides Boutique Buckingham 3


The dresses worked beautifully with the jewel toned florals, the classic hair and make up and the scenic back drop. With a classic bridal look, a chic boho vibe and a romantic style your sure to pick up some lovely ideas for your big day, whatever style of bride you are. 


Three Different Wedding Dress Looks at Waddesdon Manor  with Brides Boutique Buckingham

Pastel pink flower bouquet

Three Different Wedding Dress Looks at Waddesdon Manor  with Brides Boutique Buckingham


We here from our very talented photographer Mark Sisley who tells us all about his take on the shoot… 


“I’ve walked through those impressive front entrance doors at The Dairy on the Waddesdon Manor Estate so many times to photograph a wedding, and each and every visit I still get butterflies entering this famous and magnificent Rothschilds Estate. The setting has to be seen to be believed, and it’s no wonder that so many wedding couples fall for the charm of this magnificent wedding reception venue. Whether it’s the landscaped gardens, the historical buildings, the lakeside setting or the divine service and food, this venue ticks all the right boxes for so many people!” 


Three Different Wedding Dress Looks at Waddesdon Manor  with Brides Boutique Buckingham

Three Different Wedding Dress Looks at Waddesdon Manor  with Brides Boutique Buckingham

Purple and red flower wedding bouquet



“So as you can imagine, it was a real treat to be able to spend a whole two hours at the Manor House last week on a collaborative photoshoot that I arranged with the Brides Boutique Buckingham. It allowed me the opportunity to try out some of those ideas and backdrops that there’s never usually time for!” 


Three Different Wedding Dress Looks at Waddesdon Manor  with Brides Boutique Buckingham



“Emily & Kaine were our fabulous models for shoot, and I photographed their actual wedding day last summer at Missenden Abbey. Emily’s hair & makeup was beautifully done by Jodie Eleanor from Aylesbury. The stunning bouquets were provided by The Flower Room. The breathtaking two gowns you see here were kindly provided by Kay at Brides Boutique Buckingham shop, who has some truly beautiful designs in her current collection. 


Three Different Wedding Dress Looks at Waddesdon Manor  with Brides Boutique Buckingham

Three Different Wedding Dress Looks at Waddesdon Manor  with Brides Boutique Buckingham


“These collaborative Manor House photo-shoots are not possible without a fabulous venue, so a big thank you goes to the team at Waddesdon who kindly granted permission for the session.” 

 Three Different Wedding Dress Looks at Waddesdon Manor  with Brides Boutique Buckingham



“The pictures you see on my gallery were captured at Windmill Hill on the estate, Waddesdon Manor itself, and on the parterre to the house. We also visited the fabulous aviary before the sun started to fade.” 


Three Different Wedding Dress Looks at Waddesdon Manor  with Brides Boutique Buckingham


Our boutique offers and intimate, relaxed atmosphere, and have dresses from numerous different designers which means whatever style of bride you are we can find a dress that’s perfect for both you and your venue! 

Get in touch to book your private consultation and start your wedding dress shopping journey in style! 





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Wedding dress shopping should be really exciting but we all know that some brides can feel a little over whelmed, not knowing what to expect. Here at Brides Boutique Buckingham we want you to have a great time and more importantly, we want you to find the wedding dress of your dreams, so we have written our top tips to help the visit run smoothly so that you leave having ticked another thing off your planning list!


Wedding Dresses at Brides Boutique Buckingham

Give Yourself Time

It is advised that you start dress shopping approximately a year before the big day, especially if you’re a picky shopper. Most dresses can take up to 9 months to order in and then you need time for alterations and last-minute tweaks so the earlier you start the better and this will avoid any last-minute stressful situations. If time is of the essence fear not, most boutiques have samples dresses which you can purchase and have altered but giving yourself the time to shop is always the best option if you have it.


Have A Budget In Mind

Most of us will have some kind of budget that we need to stick to. No matter how much or how little it is be realistic when shopping and do not waste time trying on gowns that are way out of your price range. If you have a little movement on price be open and honest with the bridal assistants, they would much prefer it this way. Also bear in mind that you will have alterations and accessories costs on top of the dress price, so make sure you take these into account. Avoid disappointment by having a price range in mind.


Do Your Research

Research, research, research, from styles you like, styles you don’t like and of course do your research for the right bridal boutiques do they stock the designers you like? Or the style/type of dress you like? Ask lots of questions and book your appointment in advance.


Justin Alexander Lace Wedding Dress

 Justin Alexander Lace Wedding Dress

Wear the Right Underwear

Make sure you wear underwear that is a close match to what you will wear on the day, neutral or white is always the best option. If a strapless dress is an option for you, wear a strapless bra. If shapewear makes you feel more confident and you’d be happy wearing this on your wedding day then wear it to try on, you will get a feel of how the dresses are sitting and of course the most important bit, how they feel and how they make you feel.


Think About Your Theme and Venue

Do you have a theme? Or certain requirements which are non-negotiable ie. Sleeves, high neckline? Make sure you are clear on these when shopping. Keep in mind what your venue style you have and what you want your bridesmaids to be wearing – have a vision. If your getting married outdoors it’s probable best to stay away from a big ballgown, or if dancing is a priority, make sure you go for a looser style that you can move in! Have your priorities set for the day.


Be Picky of Your Entourage Choice

Choosing your entourage can be tricky, and it’s tempting if you have a large bridal party to want to invite them all, however, we would suggest a maximum of three people to take dress shopping with you, everyone will tend to have different opinions and you don’t want to end up being more confused, trying to please everyone! You need people there to support you and give constructive opinions if required, but also people who know you, and what your bridal vision is. If you can’t possibly pick between them then take different people to different appointments until you’ve narrowed it down to a couple of dresses.

Pastel blue wedding dress


Take Advice but Listen to Yourself

Take advice from both your entourage and the bridal assistants, they may have suggestions you’ve not thought of. Having said that, most importantly listen to yourself, only you will know if you feel comfortable in something and it’s not only about how you look, but how the dress makes you feel!


Keep an Open Mind

Do keep an open mind for your first visit and try on, you may think you want a certain style but, in most cases, you will end up going for something completely different. Stick to your absolute no no’s but do try on styles that you’ve not seen or not thought of as it may just be the perfect dress.


Enjoy the Experience

This is by far the most important! Remember to enjoy yourself! There will be dresses that will suit you, and ones that won’t, treat it as the ultimate dress up and have some fun! A day out trying on dresses with your nearest and dearest, what more could you ask for!


Here at Brides Boutique Buckingham we offer an intimate, relaxed and friendly atmosphere within a light and airy studio. We offer a by appointment, private consultation, where you will have exclusive use of the boutique throughout your consultation. We stock beautiful gowns from designers such as Randy Fenoli, Justin Alexander, RFB, Lillian West and Pappilon by Modica. Plus we also stock bridesmaid designer, Motee Maids, meaning you can sort your bridal party out too!


To book an appointment please get in touch here  and start your wonderful wedding dress shopping experience!


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