Kay Poole

Kay Poole

Congratulations! You’ve found the perfect dress and now you need the perfect accessories to complement and complete your look. Choosing the right wedding dress accessories is partly down to personal taste and partly down to what vision you have for your big day. There are so many options out there, and if you have a simple dress, your accessory might be your showstopper piece.



At Brides Boutique Buckingham we stock a beautiful range of ‘one of a kind’ bridal hair accessories and jewellery that are made on a bespoke basis to suit your style, colours and theme. But with so many options out there it can get overwhelming right? So we’ve put together a helpful guide for choosing wedding dress accessories, as there may be some options you’ve not even considered, so to make easier we give our expert opinion of what’s out there to complete your wedding day look.



The veil has been forever in the bridal ensemble but not always a popular choice in recent years, as there are so many other options. Unless you’re going with the tradition of a veil over your face for the ceremony, it’s really down to personal choice, and is completely dependant on your dress and vision for the big day. Veils can look incredible with the right dress and with coloured veils, embellished and personalised styles now available they are now so much more than a piece of tulle; they become part of your look, and lets face it, when else do you get to wear a veil!


Wedding Veil


Hair Vines and Pins

For a softer look, hair vines and pins are perfect, entwined through the hair for a relaxed up do, or placed to perfection in structured bun. They ooze elegance and style.


Flowers or Flower Crowns

Flowers create a natural look when it comes to wedding dress accessories. They give an ethereal, romantic vibe and depending on the amount of flowers used, a real statement. Match them with your bouquet for a cohesive look or have a flower crown instead of bouquet! Both fresh or faux flowers can be used to create something that matches your dress perfectly.


Wedding Dress Accessories


Tiaras and Crowns

Tiaras and crowns can be worn both with veils or without, and if you’re looking for that regal look, then these are the perfect wedding dress accessories for you. There are some beautiful options out there dependant on the style and look you are after. From silver and sparkly for a glamorous look, or muted golds for an elegant paired back look, get your crown on.




Necklace, earrings, bracelet, whatever you decide, make it cohesive with your look! If you have a simple gown you might choose a statement piece to add some glamour or go for simple pearl earrings that pull the look together. You may even have some family jewellery you can wear as your "something old", or "something borrowed"; something with sentimental value is a beautiful thing to wear on your big day.


Bridal Headbands

Traditional bridal headbands are very versatile and can be worn in any length of hair. They hold firmly in place and can help secure and up do, or sit perfectly in a free flowing boho style. This is an accessory which you may use to change your style for the evening reception. They can be worn with your veil too, so you can have two looks in one.


Bridal Headband



Something to compliment your dress, and if you’re getting married in the colder months, capes are perfect for those outdoor pictures. Capes come in all manner of shapes and styles, so finding one to compliment your dress should be easy. If you have a bold, lacy number, a plain velvet cape would match perfectly, or vice versa, you may have a simple dress and add a lace cape for detail.


Bridal Sashes

Sometimes the dress is almost perfect but adding a bridal sash with some texture can make your dress ‘the one’. You may want to add a touch of sparkle to your dress and a bridal sash is the perfect way to do that. You could also get a sash for a different look for your evening reception, for when you take any other accessories off. It’s the perfect accessory!



Good luck with finding the perfect wedding dress accessories for your vision. If you would like any more help on choosing your wedding dress accessories, or would like to book an appointment with us, get in touch.





Intimate weddings are on the rise and whether it be out of choice or not, they don’t have to mean small wedding ideas. In fact with less guests you can make your big day super personalised and add elements which may not have been an option with a larger wedding, after all your wedding day is about the two of you tying the knot… make it yours! Here we’ve rounded up some ideas if you’re planning a smaller gathering with our top 5 small wedding ideas and advice.


Small Wedding Ideas: How to Make Your Intimate Wedding Have The Wow Factor

The Venue

Think outside the box when it comes to the venue; there are some limitations dependant on the type of ceremony you would like, however, with a smaller number of guests you have a wider range of venues to pick from. Whether that be an outdoor space where the two of you met, for a picnic wedding day, your favourite restaurant, a museum or an art gallery, these are just to name a few. Get your thinking cap on and come up with a unique venue for you and your guests to enjoy your special day. Don’t forget to consider the lighting of your venue as this can make all the difference to the ambience of the day, whether it be romantic candles or sparkling fairy lights.


The Dress

When it comes to small wedding ideas the dress isn’t something you should overlook, if anything, make it more "wow". The dress and bridal details should definitely be somewhere where you should splurge. Get the dress of your dreams, something that you look and feel amazing in; just because you’re having a small wedding doesn’t mean you have to have a small dress! Our Le Papillon range is perfect if you're wanting a luxury "wow" factor dress.


Small Wedding Ideas: How to Make Your Intimate Wedding Have The Wow Factor


The Cake

You can still go big on your cake! Make it part of the décor and build your styling around it. You could ask your cake maker to do some faux layers if you’re worried about waste, or there’s always more cake for you and your guests to enjoy if you decide not to take that route! Have some takeaway boxes for your guests so they can take some cake away, or send it to people who couldn’t make the big day, but you still want to include.

There are also lots of other alternatives for a dessert if you decide to not have a cake at all: hire a food cart for crepes, macarons, ice cream or sweets, or choose an alternative cheeseboard cake to include in your wedding breakfast.


Small Wedding Ideas: How to Make Your Intimate Wedding Have The Wow Factor


Table Styling

Create a stunning tablescape for you and your guests. With a small table you can go full on luxury with your space. Opulent flowers, beautiful table centrepieces and perfect place settings. Think of it as the picture-perfect dinner party!


Small Wedding Ideas: How to Make Your Intimate Wedding Have The Wow Factor


Make your guests feel loved with a super personalised ceremony and reception. Make everything personalised, from napkins and menus, to favours and speeches and any other gifts you want to shower them with to say thank you for attending your special day. Think about things they can keep and will be a reminder of the wonderful day they had; people also love things that are unique to them, so add a bit of luxury personalisation and your guests will love you for it. Make it an experience for your guests too, the details are the finishing touches to your small wedding ideas.



If you need any more help or advice when it comes to choosing your dress, get in touch - we offer an intimate relaxed friendly atmosphere, with an exclusive use boutique that you and your guests can enjoy!



When it comes to wedding dress shopping, there may be terms that you’ve not heard of before, so we thought we could help! Starting with wedding dress shapes and necklines, we aim to take the confusion out of industry terms, with our series of glossary blogs. Being armed with knowledge is always better when you're entering the unknown, and wedding dress shopping can get confusing and overwhelming at times, so knowing your styles and your wedding dress shapes, you will be wedding dress shop like an expert in no time!


Wedding Dress Shapes


The A-line wedding dress shape is slim on top and has a fitted bodice that flares from the waist. A classic bridal shape that suits a straight or inverted triangle figure.



Great for a straight/athletic figure, or an hourglass, depending on the detail, a sheath dress has a long, slim silhouette that has no flare.



A ballgown or princess dress is great for a dramatic entrance. It has a fitted boned bodice and a full skirt supported by layers of petticoats. It compliments most body types and is a classic, timeless wedding dress.


Fishtail or Mermaid, hugs the top half of the body tightly and flares out from the knee and below. It’s the one to choose if you have an hourglass figure and will show your curves off beautifully.



High waisted and cut just under the bust, the empire line wedding dress shape is simple, relaxed and is perfect for small busts or curvy figures. It’s a classic look that is extremely flattering.


Fit and Flare

Similar to a fishtail this gown has a fitted bodice that hug the waist; however, it fares out from a higher leg point. This can vary from style to style but its great for most body types, and perfect if you want to show off your curves or enhance your curves.


Wedding Dress Necklines


There’s hundreds of different necklines out there, so we’ve narrowed it down to the ones which tend to venture into the unknown when it comes to general knowledge and the illusion neckline is always one that we seem to be asked about! It is extremely popular in bridalwear right now. It consists of a transparent fabric used on either the front/back or both and generally has embellishments covering a bride’s neckline, creating the illusion of the embellishment on the skin.

Scoop Neck

The scoop neck is a U-shaped, low neckline that takes the shape of a circular style. This style both opens the neckline and reveals a hint of cleavage.



An off the solder number is known as a Bardot neckline. The straps as such hang over the shoulder and hug the top of the arm to create a clean line. This style suits most body types but is particularly good for a pear shape or if you have a big bust.



This is generally a strapless gown that dips down in the middle creating a ‘love heart’ shape. It’s great for most body types including big busts if you have the right underwear and fit.


Queen Anne

This neckline can have a few variations; however, it has a high collar at the back and then is shaped in either a scoop, V-neck, or illusion in the front. It’s chic, sophisticated and oozes style- think Princess Kate!

Slashed/Boat Neck

A slashed or boat neck is a wide neckline that runs from point to point at each shoulder and across the collarbone, creating a clean horizontal line. Its extremely flattering for small busts and creates an elegant silhouette.


The Jewel encircles the neck and covers the whole of the upper body. It is generally used without sleeves in bridal and is great for smaller busts.



We hope you found this useful! Keep checking the blog for more hints, tips advice and glossaries and if you need anymore help or would like to book a try on appointment get in touch!

Wedding dress shopping can be both exciting, yet daunting. It’s a new way of shopping for most of us after all; it’s extremely personalised and there’s lots to choose from. The key is to do your research before hand to be fully prepared, and so to help we have created our top ten questions to ask which will have you wedding dress shopping like a pro in no time.   


Wedding Dress Shopping 10 Questions To Ask Your Bridal Boutique


WHICH Designers Do You Stock? 

If you're looking for a very particular designer, make sure that the boutique you are going to stocks them first. It’s always worth asking this question beforehand, as then, you can do a little bit of your own research online and see the styles and types of dresses and designers that your chosen boutique holds. We often share our dresses on our Instagram page so keep your eyes peeled there.


What’s Your Price Range? 

No matter what your preferred spend is, choose it and stick to it- check that the boutique you are visiting has dresses priced within your range. Do not try on dresses out of your budget- this will only lead to disappointment and direct comparisons to the ‘said dress’ that is out of your desired spend. Be open and honest about this, the boutique can then help you pick a dress that is perfect for you!  


How Many People Can I Bring With Me? 

Although it’s tempting to bring your whole bridal party, we would suggest bringing 1-2 people only to your appointment. Too many opinions can really confuse things, even if you try hard not to let it. If you really can’t decide then take different people to different appointments and fittings, that way you’ll leave nobody out and everyone can be involved in the process. 


Are Photographs Allowed? 

This is always a tricky one and it varies from boutique to boutique, so always ask before snapping away.  


What’s the Time-Frame For My Dress? 

Generally, we would advise to order your wedding dress 12-9 months ahead of your wedding date. Most gowns take 4-6 months to arrive. This means there is plenty of time left to make alterations and amendments to your dress if needed, and of course means you are less stressed on the lead up to the big day. If you don’t have the luxury of time when wedding dress shopping, some designers will take rush orders at an extra cost, or a sample dress can be purchased, and alterations can be done to get the perfect fit. 


How Many Fittings Will I need?  

Generally, 2-3 fittings are required (including any alterations) to get the perfect fit and look of your dress. Some brides it takes more, but most bridal boutiques will have the number of appointments and fittings needed to get it right!  


Do You Offer In-House Alterations? 

This is always a good question to ask. Not all boutiques offer this service, so bear this in mind when it comes to timeframes. Most boutiques will have somebody they will recommend if they don’t offer this themselves. Make sure if you're looking for a seamstress yourself that they come highly recommended and with great reviews, as altering bridal gowns is a very skilled job, which requires expertise and experience.   


What Dresses Will Suit My Body Type the Best? 

Your bridal assistant should be able to help you here! Take their advice and listen to their suggestions. Keep an open mind when wedding dress shopping, sometimes what we want is not always what will suit us, or what we will end up with. 


What’s The Best Underwear For A Bride? 

We always recommend wearing white or nude underwear and a strapless bra to your appointment; this is a good combination for trying on, once you have picked your dress, we can then recommend alternative combinations of underwear if needs be. 



Can Your Dresses Be Customised? 

Some designers will offer customisation or amendments when ordering your dress, others can be made when you have alterations made to your dress. Always ask as it depends on the designer and boutique. Most alterations and customisations can be done including, adding sleeves, lowering necklines etc; also look at the boutique accessories range to complete and customise your look. For customisation ideas, we have a blog here with 8 wedding dress alteration ideas. 



If you need more help or advice get in touch! We offer an intimate, relaxed and friendly atmosphere, within a light and airy studio. You and your guests will receive our excellent customer service and have exclusive use of the boutique throughout your consultation. To book your appointment get in touch

I am writing this while we are in lockdown and thinking how I can help all the brides-to be out there with their wedding planning. With experts saying people are spending on average 5 hours extra online a day, I am sure many of you are using that time to search out your wedding suppliers and to get inspiration of the look and feel of the big day. But what about wedding dresses, that you need to try on to find the "one"? Today I am sharing some advice on what you can be doing now, to help you move further towards finding that dream wedding dress.


dress 1423684 1920 

Use Pinterest to create a board of wedding dress ideas that you love


Pinterest is a great platform to gather ideas together of what you love, but also to discount what you don't like. Create a board (and maybe make it secret so your partner cannot see it) and pin images of dresses that you love. Be open minded - look at all lengths, colours and shapes as you may surprise yourself. You may want to share the board with your bridesmaids and mum to get their thoughts but remember, it is your dress! This is a fun part of wedding planning and can be done for all areas of your day - so pour yourself a glass of wine and lose yourself in all the prettiness.


Google styles to find designers you love (or use Instagram and blogs)


Once you have shortlisted some styles, now is the time to hone this down to designers. Use search engines and Pinterest itself to research, but also Instagram and wedding blogs too. If you find any that you like, you can then visit the designer's website to discover your local supplier. A great idea is to bookmark them and to follow them so you can see new designs that may be announced soon.


You can also use this search time to find local wedding dress boutiques to see the wedding dresses that they stock. Most should have a gallery page for the stocked designers and maybe some real brides too. 


Ask for recommendations from local Facebook groups and wedding groups


If you have no ideas at this point (however I am sure that you will) why not ask locally for recommendations of wedding dress boutiques. Ask on local Facebook groups and join bride/wedding groups too. Some wedding groups are even hosting virtual fairs! Check out their reviews on Google and Facebook to get an idea of what other brides have said. 


Email the boutique to check their availability 


While all shops are closed at this time, most wedding dress boutique owners will be checking their emails and DMs. Send them a message to ask about the dresses they stock, the designers and styles but also what their availability is like for you to view virtually. While you cannot try them on, you can start to fall in love and maybe, even pinpoint your dream dress. Just remember that it is lockdown so we may take slightly longer than usual to get back to you.


Book a consultation for after lockdown


When you email them, take the time to book a consultation for when you think lockdown will end. Of course we don't know when that is, but the appointment can always be moved. We know that when this is over (and it WILL be over) you will all desperate to get trying on our dresses so it is a good idea to have an appointment planned. It will also give you something to look forward to!



We know these are uncertain times, but I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know that we are not going anywhere and that we cannot wait to see you all again soon and to help you find your perfect wedding dress.


Kay x

We know that you will love the amazing wedding dresses we stock here at Brides Boutique Buckingham, but we are also aware that sometimes you want to tweak them here and there. You often ask whether you can add a detail or remove one (the answer is often yes!), but also, we see brides love a dress but feel that somehow it is not quite right. The good news is that we often have the answer of how to change a dress that is near perfect to totally perfect and here are just a few ideas to get you thinking about wedding dress alterations.


dress 1423684 1920

Adding Straps

You try on a dress that makes you feel like a million dollars, but the bandeau top feels wrong for you. Maybe you feel like you need some extra support, so how about adding straps the dress. These could be fine spaghetti straps, or something wider made from silk chiffon – both are simple to do, and our seamstresses can easily help.


Adding Sleeves


I know many women want to cover their arms (you don’t need to, we promise!) but if you do, how about adding sleeves? Sleeved wedding dresses are also on trend right now and have been since Meghan married Harry, with brides choosing anything from wide ballooned shapes with a 1970s feel to something more intricate such as fitted lace. Talk to a recommended wedding dress alterations seamstress who will advise the best route to go down as some styles will work better than others when adding sleeves. Alternatively, adding capped or short sleeves will make you feel more confident.


Adding A Belt


Adding a belt or sash is the easiest way to transform a wedding dress without having to employ a seamstress. An added waist adornment will draw your eye to your narrowest point also meaning it is a really flattering option. There is so much choice now too, with ribbons, different colours, antique looking belt buckles and ones covered in crystals.


Changing The Colour


Changing the colour of a dress is a bit of an “out there” choice but it is possible. Firstly, some designers make their dresses in different colours whether it is a subtle difference such as antique cream for example or something bolder such as blush pink. Ask us and we can let you know. There are also professional dyers out there too who can create a dip dyed effect or a whole re-colour.


Shortening The Length


Most dresses can come in shorter lengths such as petite or longer lengths for the tall women out there, but you may want to alter your dress a little more than this. A wedding dress alterations seamstress can of course shorten dresses to become tea length but realistically this only works on dresses with full skirts. If in doubt, speak to a seamstress before you buy the dress!


Adding A Cape Or Bolero


An easy way to change the feel of your wedding dress is to add a cape or bolero to cover your shoulders and/or arms. Not only is a cape a key trend right now, but you can take it off later if you want to. You also don’t need to physically alter the dress.


Adding A Modesty Panel

Most designers will add or remove modesty panels – these are flesh coloured panels that cover you up more and make some brides feel a little more secure in their dresses. Ask us when you try on the dresses and we can always advise on this service.


Adding More Sparkle


Everyone loves a bit of sparkle, right? But for some, a little is not enough! Any seamstress can add more sequins and beading to an existing design or add some for the first time. You could also add sparkle in a new colour to change the feel of a dress rather than dying it.  



There are many ways you can alter or customise a wedding dress to make it perfectly you and truly unique. If at any time you are trying on dresses and have a thought about altering it, just mention it to us. We have tonnes of ideas plus know some great seamstresses that can make your vision a reality.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue? The old English rhyme that keeps traditions alive; originally these four items were collected to bring good luck to those on their wedding day. Keeping traditions alive is always a nice idea and keeps the wedding day prep fun and sentimental upon finding those treasured items. Here we bring you some ‘something blue’ wedding ideas for your wedding day.


blue wedding Flowers

Beautiful blue florals in whatever shade can add a lovely hue to your big day, while putting a floral twist on the something blue tradition. If it fits your theme better and blue florals aren’t your thing, add blue ribbon ties to your bouquet or blue to your flower girl wands.


Blue Wedding Flowers

Sara’s Events Flowers


Blue Wedding Flowers

Willow and Blossom Floral Design

Blue Wedding Wands

The Flower Mill

The Blue wedding garters

Keep more than one tradition alive by having your something blue as your garter! Perfect for photographs for your wedding day and of course a beautiful keepsake that you can treasure for years to come.


Navy blue garter


Extra Special Touch


Blue wedding dresses & Bridesmaid Dresses

Choose an alternative style for the big day and have your something blue as your wedding dress! Whether it be a full on blue fabric or a hint of the colour it’s sure to allow you make an entrance. Coloured wedding dresses are becoming increasingly popular as we step away from traditions and see brides being more themselves in alternative styles. Our Mottee Maids dresses have some beautiful collections and we stock them in the boutique!


Blue Wedding Dress

Mottee Maids

Pastel blue wedding dress

Allure Bridals

Blue Wedding Table Styling

Make your styling blue! It’s fresh, dreamy and Pantone’s Colour Of The Year is classic blue too - so there will be lots of inspiration on it’s way to make your wedding day full of blue hues! Whether you choose to go pale, classic, navy or somewhere in the middle blue is certain to make a statement on your wedding day.


Blue Wedding Table Decor

Sara’s Events Flowers

Blue wedding Ideas - napkins

Napkins: Queen and Eden, Photography: Natalie Stevenson Photography

Blue Shoes and Accessories

Bridal shoes and accessories are a great way to add something fun to your look, so why not make them your something blue. We stock Charlotte Mills shoes in the boutique and their blue selection of shoes are dreamy. If you’re looking to add some blue into your accessories, we offer one of a kind accessories, and you can choose to have your very own item made to suit your style, colours and theme!


Blue Wedding Shoes

Charlotte Mills



Blue Wedding Transport

What better way to arrive than in a blue car? Make an entrance with one of these classic cars, perfect for a vintage wedding day and a great way to show off your something blue.


80857669 1287067461499032 4220373085687119872 o

Ridgmont Classics


Blue Wedding Cars

Perfect Timing

Blue Wedding Stationery

Make your something blue part of your wedding stationery and favours; whether it’s a nod to the tradition with a blue ribbon tied around your favours or a full-on blue wedding invitation. Or opt for blue writing instead- the design details and ideas are limitless when it comes to adding something blue to your wedding stationery.


blue wedding stationery

Tiggity Boo

Blue wedding stationery

Perfect Timing Photography



All these blue touches are from local suppliers - so with our dresses, you can have a blue wedding here in Buckingham. get in touch to try on your blue bridesmaid or wedding dress today.




For a boutique that has so many styles and so many different brides that walk through our doors, it’s important to us to show how one venue doesn’t always have to mean one look for the big day. Our recent inspirational shoot set at Waddesdon Manor shows three very different styles of dress and how they can work depending on what type of dress and bride you are. 

 Three Different Wedding Dress Looks at Waddesdon Manor  with Brides Boutique Buckingham


We used two different designers for the shoot with dresses by Modeca:  their Le Papillon collection is light, fresh and modern and the dresses have some beautiful details. Justin Alexander and Justin Alexander - Lillian West also featured with their classic timeless designs and chic boho looks, two very different vibes that would absolutely work with a venue like Waddesdon Manor


 Three Different Wedding Dress Looks at Waddesdon Manor  with Brides Boutique Buckingham


Three Different Wedding Dress Looks at Waddesdon Manor  with Brides Boutique Buckingham 3


The dresses worked beautifully with the jewel toned florals, the classic hair and make up and the scenic back drop. With a classic bridal look, a chic boho vibe and a romantic style your sure to pick up some lovely ideas for your big day, whatever style of bride you are. 


Three Different Wedding Dress Looks at Waddesdon Manor  with Brides Boutique Buckingham

Pastel pink flower bouquet

Three Different Wedding Dress Looks at Waddesdon Manor  with Brides Boutique Buckingham


We here from our very talented photographer Mark Sisley who tells us all about his take on the shoot… 


“I’ve walked through those impressive front entrance doors at The Dairy on the Waddesdon Manor Estate so many times to photograph a wedding, and each and every visit I still get butterflies entering this famous and magnificent Rothschilds Estate. The setting has to be seen to be believed, and it’s no wonder that so many wedding couples fall for the charm of this magnificent wedding reception venue. Whether it’s the landscaped gardens, the historical buildings, the lakeside setting or the divine service and food, this venue ticks all the right boxes for so many people!” 


Three Different Wedding Dress Looks at Waddesdon Manor  with Brides Boutique Buckingham

Three Different Wedding Dress Looks at Waddesdon Manor  with Brides Boutique Buckingham

Purple and red flower wedding bouquet



“So as you can imagine, it was a real treat to be able to spend a whole two hours at the Manor House last week on a collaborative photoshoot that I arranged with the Brides Boutique Buckingham. It allowed me the opportunity to try out some of those ideas and backdrops that there’s never usually time for!” 


Three Different Wedding Dress Looks at Waddesdon Manor  with Brides Boutique Buckingham



“Emily & Kaine were our fabulous models for shoot, and I photographed their actual wedding day last summer at Missenden Abbey. Emily’s hair & makeup was beautifully done by Jodie Eleanor from Aylesbury. The stunning bouquets were provided by The Flower Room. The breathtaking two gowns you see here were kindly provided by Kay at Brides Boutique Buckingham shop, who has some truly beautiful designs in her current collection. 


Three Different Wedding Dress Looks at Waddesdon Manor  with Brides Boutique Buckingham

Three Different Wedding Dress Looks at Waddesdon Manor  with Brides Boutique Buckingham


“These collaborative Manor House photo-shoots are not possible without a fabulous venue, so a big thank you goes to the team at Waddesdon who kindly granted permission for the session.” 

 Three Different Wedding Dress Looks at Waddesdon Manor  with Brides Boutique Buckingham



“The pictures you see on my gallery were captured at Windmill Hill on the estate, Waddesdon Manor itself, and on the parterre to the house. We also visited the fabulous aviary before the sun started to fade.” 


Three Different Wedding Dress Looks at Waddesdon Manor  with Brides Boutique Buckingham


Our boutique offers and intimate, relaxed atmosphere, and have dresses from numerous different designers which means whatever style of bride you are we can find a dress that’s perfect for both you and your venue! 

Get in touch to book your private consultation and start your wedding dress shopping journey in style! 





Thursday, 10 October 2019 10:14

Why Does My Wedding Dress Cost What It Does?

Most of us have dreamt of the perfect wedding dress, what styles we like, our vision of what we want to look like on the big day, and more importantly what we want to feel like! We want to be the most perfect version of ourselves and we want the dress of our dreams. You don’t have to have got married before to know that wedding dresses don’t come cheap, and for most of us it’s probably going to be the most expensive piece of clothing that we’ve ever bought. Today we are sharing an insight as to why your wedding dress costs what it does, and why it’s worth the money!

Fishtail wedding dress by Justin Alexander

Fishtail Dress by Justin Alexander


Bridal gowns are ultimately stunning dresses and most probably the most beautiful dress you’ll wear in your lifetime. They’re made of beautiful, often expensive materials and contain multiple layers of fabric with  the most intricate details, embellishments and beading. They’re also expensive for bridal boutiques to buy; with everything there are multiple levels of design and quality within the wedding dress market and the higher designer brands are pricier because of the level of detail and construction that goes into them.


It goes without saying that the more expensive the fabrics, the more expensive the dress, so if you’re looking at pure silk gowns or dresses with Italian laces these will be much more expensive generally than something that has a tulle skirt and a plain bodice. Different qualities of fabric will effect both the look, drape and feel of the dress, so generally the more expensive the fabric the better the quality of the dress and how it looks and feels.


Once a wedding dress has been designed, the process of constructing that gown includes grading into the different sizes for production and of course working out the mathematical requirements of any lace, beading and detail that is in the design. Many bridal gowns are hand finished and hand beaded which makes them very lengthy and costly to make for designers, and amendments must be made to make sure the dress and it’s details will work in every size.


As with high-street and designers for everyday clothing, the more well-known the designer the higher the price tag of the gown. These gowns tend to be constructed with more costly fabrics and a more intricate make-up resulting in a better fit. Yes of course, as with everything  there are gowns available at a lower cost often very similar to the well-constructed higher priced brands, but be very wary of ordering online dresses from overseas as sometimes what you see is definitely not what you get; the fit and construction could leave you disappointed and having to start your hunt for a gown all over again with a slashed budget.


With most designers, dresses are made to order, which is why your wedding dress can take up to 6 months to come- it’s being made for you after all! If you love the dress and want amendments to it from the designer, for example, adding a sleeve, or further embellishment to make it how you want it, this will also add to the cost, as there will be more work to do!


There are also other things to think about when it comes to the cost of your dress. If you leave it until the last minute there may be extra costs in all areas to get your dress ready for the big day, so make sure you shop early. Most designers will charge a late order fee as they will have to push your order forward, work longer hours or get extra workforce in than anticipated in order to get it to you in time;  this may also result in more costly alterations when it reaches you, for exactly the same reasons, so don’t delay shopping if you have an option.


Our advice to you?

  • Set your preferred spend early on and stick to it where you can.
  • If you love a high end designer, expect to pay a high end designer price.
  • Keep an open mind and try on similar dresses to what you have been dreaming about
  • Please remember that the majority of wedding dresses are intricate, well-constructed and costly to make and definitely worth the spend for the most important day of your life!

We are here ready to share our beautiful designs with you - book an appointment today!

Wedding dress shopping is far from your average shopping trip, and it’s not something all of us have done before, so doing your research before starting to find the perfect one for you is definitely sound advice. Visiting a bridal boutique is a far cry from high street shopping, expect to be in good hands as bridal boutique assistants know everything there is to know about their wedding dresses and how the process works. No question is a silly question and don’t be afraid to ask at any point.


We’ve put together our top 17 questions to ask, just so you’re in the know- you may not have thought about some of them!


Wedding Dress Shopping Advice


Booking Your Appointment

Wedding dress shopping appointments generally last between 1-1.5 hours, and you may be limited to the amount of guests you can bring. Make sure they stock the types of dresses and designers you’ve been looking at and that they are within your price range, to really make sure  that this is the right boutique for you.


Ask the following…

  • How long will my appointment be?
  • How many people can I bring with me?
  • Do you stock (designer)? Or (ballgown/fishtail/boho) styles of dresses?
  • What is your price range of gowns?


At Your Appointment

When you come to trying on the dresses, it’s an exciting process with lots of mixed emotions, so relax and enjoy the process. Take recommendations and advice from your bridal assistant and think about your vision for your wedding day. If allowed, it’s always good to take pictures while wedding dress shopping so you can look back at your favourite dresses and compare. Think about amendments, alterations and accessories to make it perfect for you as it might just be the deciding factor on whether it’s the one, or not!


Ask the following…

  • What style will suit my body shape? (Check out our blog on How to choose the right dress for your body shape
  • Can I take pictures?
  • What’s the timeframe for me to decide and order my dress, and how long will it take for my dress to arrive?
  • What amendments could be made to this dress? For example, if you love the dress but really wanted sleeves ask whether these can be added?
  • What accessories would you add/do you have available?



Wedding Dress Shopping Advice


Once You’ve Found The One

Once you have found your perfect dress you’ll be filled with excitement! Enjoy the moment and think about the next process of making your dress perfect for you. You’ll need to know about alterations, payment plans, any other services that you may need from the boutique and any other costs that you need to be aware of, and plan for.


Ask the following…

  • Do you have an in-house or recommended seamstress?
  • What would be the estimated costs of alterations?
  • What is the deposit/payment plan?
  • How much time do I need for alterations?
  • Can a bustle be added to the dress?
  • Do you have a post-wedding cleaning service for my dress to preserve it? 
  • Can the boutique store the dress for you once it’s delivered and before alterations?
  • Are there any extra costs?


Wedding dress shopping is the ultimate dress up so enjoy the process and take advice where needed along the way! Have your vision at the forefront of your mind and work out what you're willing to compromise on! And finally, make sure you not only love the dress, but you feel amazing in it!


Wedding Dress Shopping Advice



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